UNMUTED Exhibition Website

Client: Myers School of Art
Year: Spring 2021

The UNMUTED Senior Graphic Design BFA Exhibition was a massive undertaking. Myself and a team of designers were tasked with creating a website to showcase the work of graduating seniors while also creating a digital gallery and process documentation for the exhibition. As the web team lead I oversaw and took part in the design and creation of the website. 

We wanted to make the website feel cohesive with the in person experience, while also focusing on the user experience in every stage of development. We created a digital gallery and organized all of the online scheduling for the exhibition. We also created 31 portfolio pages to showcase the hard work that the senior class had been working on. Finally we created a process page to document the whole process start to finish on the website. The site was built responsively and functions on devices of all shapes and sizes.

A big thank you to:

Software Used

  • WordPress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Elementor Page Builder


  • Full Web Design
  • 31 Digital Portfolio Pages
  • Digital Gallery
  • Process Page